TOMOCORP is a 16 years experienced Peruvian company, offering integral and optimization solutions for every need. Our recognized prestige and growth are the direct result of our professionalism and an unbeatable record in the quality of our products and services.

Quality Innovation

Research and Development (R&D)

The Technological Development and Design Engineering department has highly qualified personnel who, using advanced development and simulation software, allows us to guarantee the quality and efficiency of our equipment.

Quality Assurance

At Quality Assurance stage, we use modern tools to guarantee the reliability of the manufactured equipment.

Integrated Quality, Safety and Occupational Health Policy

Aware of its mission of social responsibility, it believes that safety, occupational health and quality are significant elements of its business existence. For this reason it undertakes to:

  • The protection of the safety and health of all our collaborators by means of the prevention of damages, injuries, illnesses, illnesses and incidents related to the work.

  • Maintain an Integrated Management System that meets the requirements of ISO 9001; which is reviewed periodically to ensure continuous improvement.

  • Comply with applicable local laws, laws and regulations, our client standards and other requirements that the organization assumes.

  • Base our goals and objectives in achieving Customer Satisfaction, goals and objectives that together with the Integrated Management System were reviewed periodically.

  • Promote consultation and active participation of workers in all elements of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

  • Continuously implement training programs in safety, occupational health and quality, in order to raise the level of awareness, participation and commitment of our workers, contractors, suppliers and other interested parties.

  • Disseminate our Policy to all our stakeholders, sensitizing and reporting their individual obligations within the Integrated Management System.

Advanced technology

Test laboratory

Our fully automated testing laboratory allows us to validate the designs of our equipment and ensure their efficiency.

Precision Machinery

We have CNC equipment for high precision parts production, according to adjustments and tolerances standards.

Sophisticated equipment

We have advanced technology equipment that sets us apart from all the companies in the market. These equipments are used by specialized engineers. This technology allows us to offer you products and excellent quality services in a very short time. Customers can meet these teams through guided tours coordinated with our sales department.

Moderna Infraestructura

Factory plant 1

Located in Lima, Peru. This plant has more than 3000m² dedicated to the repair and pumps manufacture. Inside, there is the testing laboratory and Research and Development department.

Factory plant 2

Located in Lima, Peru. This plant has more than 7000m² dedicated to the casting of pieces up to 2000 kg in different alloys. In addition, repair and manufacture of axial fans.

Specialized staff


We have highly trained engineers in our diverse areas such as design, production, process control and quality that guarantees a superior job.


Our technicians go through a rigorous selection and are constantly trained in the control of new parts and machinery. Its competitiveness is indispensable to deliver best quality to our customers.